Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Cozy Little Kitchen: First Light

Love your blog Leslie!  How is getting settled in your new home going?  I watch daily for a new posting from you?  Diane:)

Monday, December 26, 2011

More of Sandy =^..^=

Balancing on Dan's legs!

My cat "Sandy"

Sandy likes to rest his head on my open laptop and tries to close the lid if I stay online too long!

Night Before Christmas...

I love anything "Night Before Christmas."  This is a thrifted treasure!

I love and collect many things N-O-E-L!!!

Jars of Rememberance

Ok...as you can see these are not mugs...they are Jars of Remembrance!  I started doing these several years ago.  The one on the right is mine for this year and the one on the left is one I just made for my Mom.  These jars contain gift tags from Christmas gifts along with other small mementos of the day.  I always feel that the shopping and wrapping take so long but the "unwrapping" in over in a moment.  With my Jars of Remembrance I have a little spot to stop the craziness and savor the moment forever as I peer through the glass to see the handwriting on the tags from friends and loved ones!

Day After Christmas

Mug #1! My husband received this mug as a gift from my Mom years ago.  It's handmade from Winchester, VA and has the Bible verse, Isaiah 40: 31, "They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength."  On top of the mug is a piece of biscotti made by our new friend, Christina Wenks(Mom's new neighbor).  The tea is Earl Grey and the biscotti is delicious dipped into the hot tea.  Thank you Christina!